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Here you'll find the titles of my published books and where and when they were published.

Although most of the work I've had published is related to English Language teaching in some way, my primary interest has always been poetry and on the Poem­s page you'll find a published poem from one of my books.This page will be regularly refreshed. There's a news page, which will tell you what I'm working on at the moment and details of forthcoming titles. There are also links to sites which you might find interesting.

I hope you find the kind of information you're looking for. If, on the other hand, you're visiting this website because you've read my books, or for sheer curiosity, or for whatever other reason, I hope there's enough here to satisfy you.

If you should wish to contact me for any reason, I'd prefer you to email me here.

Michael Cullup

"From reviews of ROAD INTO AUTUMN: “This excellent collection by a poet of great sensibility and technical skill.”"
- New Hope International On-Line


Book Cover The Poetry of Harold Monro by Michael Cullup Greenwich Exchange has recently published my book on The Poetry of Harold Monro.
Early twentieth-century English poetry has become something of a critical backwater, with the term ‘Georgian’ rarely used as anything other than a term of disparagement. Tru­e, a few poets from that period – Edward Thomas and Robert Graves spring to mind – are still read with pleasure, but the work of most of their Georgian contemporaries is largely forgotten, apart from a handful of hardy perennial anthology pieces.­­

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