Michael Cullup

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from A CHANGE OF SEASON (Greenwich Exchange 2010)


at the heart of it all
is the space to go a little further.
And it's nothing
to wish for more than that.
The sea breeds fish, and seaweed
is thrown upon mud and rocks
for pasturage of strange creatures.
The horizon opens
to a vista of possibilities
or closes with mist.
heavy clouds roll up
like overbearing threats:
there is anarchy in the air.

I lean against the concrete wall
desperate with tenderness:
I cannot disclose the love that is in me
for fear of immolation:
the days are ominous, unvaried,
tense between light and dark.

Despair is sin.
There is no need to say it.
The emblem is enough:
ragged and torn, wind-stretched,
it tugs against the staff.

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